Unabashed™ "Declaration of Love" by Saré Leather Handbag

Unabashed™ "Declaration of Love" by Saré Leather Handbag


  • $255.00

Unabashed™ presents our first artist series featuring artwork by French artist Evgenia Saré. Enamored by her surrealist paintings, Unabashed™ has transformed Saré's work into wearable pieces of art. Her work "Declaration of Love" features a couple under Cupid and is 4 of 4 in the Unabashed™ Amour Series. Unabashed™ holds exclusive printing rights to "Declaration of Love" by Saré.


7.75" H x 9" L x 2" W.

Product Details
  • Materials: Printed leather front and leather back. Cotton lining.
  • Features a magnetic closure, an internal zippered pocket, and a 12" removable chain.
  • Exclusive design by Unabashed™.
About the Artist
Artist Sare

"My only motivation to paint is the pleasure that I get from the painting process. I feel good with my characters which are sweet, nice, stylish, and most of all, very human. I always work, even when I have no pencil or paintbrush in my hand, every look, every move, every word, every passerby, everything around me fill up my painter's treasury. I refine my characters, I take away the malice, the bitterness, the gray veil of daily hassles, and they continue their life in my paintings, in serenity and happiness." Saré

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